East Dene wedding with a seaside theme

Weddings at East Dene – a beautiful stone built mansion in Bonchurch (near Ventnor) on the Isle of Wight – are always special. And if you’ve ever been to Bonchurch you’ll know what I mean when I say there is a really magical feel about the place making it a perfect spot beside the sea for a wedding.

Jo and Alex certainly thought so and earlier in the year they celebrated their wedding in style at East Dene incorporating a seaside theme complete with giant deck chairs (amongst loads of other stuff) for their special day!

The wedding had too much awesome for me to put in to words so I’ll let a few photos do the talking and do a full post later crammed full of details and awesomeness :

East Dene group wedding photo

Married at East Dene Isle of Wight

East Dene seaside wedding theme deckchair

East Dene first dance

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