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Wedding dress rain cover Chris CowleyEnglish weather is unpredictable at the best of times and rain on your wedding day can be a couple’s worst nightmare. You’ve picked a gorgeous dress, you’ve had your hair and make-up perfected and now you’re all set to walk down the aisle in style. Then, rain drops start falling from the sky… All you can think about now is how you’re going to be dragging the beautiful train of your dress through puddles and dirt and then what about your hair? It’s going to be ruined in the wind that’s joined the now torrential, horrible rain.

These are exactly the thoughts that went through a wedding dress designers mind on the Isle of Wight and this inspired Karen Robb from Dornellie to create the Rainaway Bride.

Rainaway Bride is a waterproof wedding dress rain cover designed specifically to protect you and your dress from the wind and rain on your big day. It is a waterproof cloak which has an elasticated hem allowing you to scoop up your beautiful wedding dress away from puddles and mud leaving you to walk without fear of dragging your dress along the wet and mucky ground. It fits nearly all gowns and trains and has a large hood which protects your hair, make-up, headpiece and/or veil if it should be raining or windy on your wedding day.

Having worked with Karen previously I asked if she was up for putting Rainaway Bride to the test for a photoshoot to show how good it really was. Whilst this was just an excuse for me to take a bride and groom to a muddy pit to make some creative wedding photos I’m pleased to say that she accepted the challenge and with a volunteer bride and groom we headed out to Knighton Sandpit to create some unique wedding photos which pushed the rain covers protection to its limits!

On what can only be described as a freezing winter’s day last weekend we put the rain cover through some perhaps more “extreme” scenarios including climbing sand banks, running through mud, jumping in puddles, throwing mud and even a water fight! To end the day we had our couple stand next to a big puddle and someone drove through it sending a sheet of water over the two of them!

We really put the rain cover through its paces and the real show of how well the Rainaway Bride protects a wedding dress was the big reveal at the end where the bride stepped out from the cover. She looked pristine; and the dress – totally dry!

The whole day was filmed by Michael from Wight Productions whose excellent video I’ve included at the bottom of this post. Special thanks go out to Karen for allowing us to test her rain cover, the bride and groom for putting it through its paces, Dan for arranging the venue and George and Grace for their assistance on the day.


P.S. Annoyingly, I got covered in mud and soaked – so although the bride got to do the fun bit splashing in puddles I actually came out worse off as the cover worked so well!

Unusual wedding photos

Quarry wedding photograph Isle of Wight

Puddle wedding photo Chris Cowley

Raining wedding photo Isle of Wight

Wedding dress rain cover test

Rainaway bride wedding dress cover test


Want to see the wedding dress rain cover in action? Check out the amazing video by Wight Productions below or watch it on YouTube

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