Trash the dress wedding cake food fight

You’ve seen trash the dress, how about trash the cake (or a cake smash)? That’s right – WEDDING CAKE FOOD FIGHT!

After the amazing reaction we had to our trash the dress photoshoot (where the bride ended up in the sea wearing her stunning wedding dress) we were inundated with emails from Isle of Wight couples who were dying to rock their frocks giving their dress a proper send off by doing something a little crazy. I’ve wanted to do something involving wedding cakes for a long time as being totally honest, they just look too yummy and pristine to be left sitting all day.

After an inspiring chat with the wonderful Jade Thornton of Petticoats and Frills Cakes the hunt was on to see which of the newlyweds who got in touch would be up for getting a little messy on our next shoot. Up stepped Carrie and Phil who wanted to celebrate their first anniversary in style by doing a trash the dress photoshoot!

Jade spends her time carefully crafting the most beautiful wedding cakes, but sometimes she likes to do things a little differently. For this photoshoot she made a cake which was elegant in design – a simple white wedding cake that would suit any kind of wedding – but inside each tier was made of the most brightly coloured cake you’ve ever seen! I think the proper name is colour pop but whatever it was – Amazing.

We were once again joined by the wonderfully talented duo Donna Jones (hair) and Jo Lofthouse (makeup) who upon Carrie’s suggestion transformed her with a vintage look influenced by our location for the shoot – an abandoned holiday camp on the Island. The contrast between the dirty, smashed up, derelict building and the beautifully clean and pristine couple (and cake) really drew to me to this setting and it worked perfectly as a location for our wedding cake food fight!

Anyway, enough rambling from me. Love it or hate it, here is our latest trash the dress cake smash photoshoot (beginning with a cherish the dress session).


P.S. If you’re interested in doing a trash or cherish the dress of your own then please do get in touch!

Cherish the dress Isle of Wight

Cherish the dress Chris Cowley

Derelict building wedding photo kiss

Derelict building wedding photo

Abandoned holiday camp Isle of Wight wedding photography

Alternative wedding photography Isle of Wight Chris Cowley

Bridal wallpaper abandoned building Isle of Wight

Cake smash petticoats and frills wedding cake

Bride and groom eating cake in abandoned building

Couple wedding cake fight

Wedding cake food fight

Food fight with wedding cake

Trash the wedding cake smash colour pop

Couple throwing wedding cake

Bride smashes wedding cake in to grooms face

Bride pushes grooms face in to wedding cake

Trash the cake smash Isle of Wight Chris Cowley

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