Trash the dress on an Isle of Wight beach

A trash the dress photoshoot is something that I’ve been dying to do since beginning my journey as a creative wedding photographer. I’ve always thought that the Isle of Wight was the perfect setting for it with miles of sandy beaches, gorgeous woods and other beautiful locations so all I needed to do was find a bride who was keen to get involved…

So what is a trash the dress session?

Also known as a rock the frock, fearless bridal (or the less damaging version is called a cherish the dress); a trash the dress session is a photoshoot where you get to dust off your wedding dress one last time and give it a final outing to somewhere you wouldn’t dared to have gone on your wedding day through fear of getting your perfect, clean white dress dirty!

You can go as crazy as you like. You might want to do a cherish the dress photoshoot where you pick a picturesque location that you’d loved to have had your wedding photos taken in and we create something beautiful for you. Or if you’re like Danielle, you might want to do something that’s a total contrast to your perfectly clean wedding day photography.

Danielle is an amazing bride who got married two years ago and fully embraced the concept, wanting to create some awesome photos and give her dress a good send off at the same time. We exchanged excited emails whilst planning her trash the dress photoshoot that were full of crazy ideas, each one taking it a step further until finally we had our concept.

At this point I enlisted the help of two incredibly talented wedding businesses on the Island – Donna Jones (wedding hair) and Jo Lofthouse (wedding makeup) to see if they were up for getting involved. Luckily for us, they were, and each planned Daniellie’s hair and makeup ready for our shoot.

The day finally came and we excitedly headed out for our trash the dress session. As you can see, it began as a cherish the dress creating some beautiful post-wedding portraits in the golden evening sun, (and we were even able to borrow a Porsche!) but then things changed quite dramatically.

We moved locations at this point and Jo and Donna created their second look for the night re-doing Danielle’s hair and makeup on location (these girls really can work anywhere) as we headed to the beach. I’ll let the pictures show you what happened next. Enjoy!


P.S. If you’re interested in doing a trash or cherish the dress of your own then please do get in touch!

Porsche wedding photo Isle of WIght

Golden hour wedding photography Isle of Wight

Trash the dress boat Isle of Wight

Cherish the dress Chris Cowley IOW

Trash the dress bridal portrait Isle of Wight

Trash the dress Isle of Wight Chris Cowley

Isle of Wight beach trash the dress

Trash the dress on the beach Isle of Wight

Bride in the sea in the wedding dress IOW

Bride in the sea Isle of Wight

Trash the dress TTD Isle of Wight

Beach trash the dress wedding photo Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight beach wedding photo TTD

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