Outdoor weddings in gardens with marquees, tents or yurts

Are you planning an outdoor garden wedding? Or maybe you’re holding your wedding reception in a marquee, tent or a beautiful yurt? As you’ve probably seen from reading my about page I LOVE garden weddings.

There’s something really special about outdoor weddings. Maybe it’s my music festival photography background that draws me to them but there’s nothing better in my mind than being outside, having a beautiful garden for a backdrop and capturing the most important day of a couples lives.

And there are so many opportunities for spontaneous, off the cuff moments at an outdoor wedding. The fun, the sunshine, the laughter; it all just adds to it and seeing a marquee in the distance all set up for a party well in to the small hours is just the icing on the cake for me!

If this sounds like your kind of wedding, or maybe I’ve just described your day – get in touch as I would love to hear all about it!


P.S. I’ve got my dancing shoes ready*.

*I’m actually a rubbish dancer.


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