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Today I thought I’d tell you a short story about how I’ve learnt my craft and how I’ve fallen in love with wedding photography.

As you know I’m lucky enough to live on the beautiful Isle of Wight (as I’m sure some of you reading this may do too), and each summer we have a whole host of fantastic music events and festivals; the two biggest being the Isle of Wight Festival in June and Bestival (my favourite) in September. As a massive music lover I found myself going to these year after year and one day I decided to pick up a camera, learn how to use it and take it along with me.

I had no experience and did it entirely for fun but soon found myself fortunate enough to be photographing the festivals professionally in the pit right at the very front with the national media shooting all the big names!

This lucky break was not only an amazing experience for me personally but it also forced me to learn my craft very quickly as I had to capture all the action in what was a tiny window of time, in some of the worst lighting with everything going crazy around me! Oh, and the slight pressure of the person I was photographing being a mega star…

Over the next couples of years as I attended more festivals I found myself photographing headline bands from Madness to Lily Allen, Simply Red to Massive Attack but I soon learnt that it was being outside, capturing the excitement, emotion and the atmosphere in the crowds that I enjoyed most!

At a festival the emotion I love capturing is spread throughout the weekend, whereas a wedding has it all and much, much more in that one special day. From the moment I realised that, I knew that wedding photography was for me and it explains why I LOVE photographing weddings so much!



P.S. Leave a comment below if you can name some of the stars in the photos. They’re all pretty famous!

Anastasia by Chris Cowley

Festival bestival bouquet throw  by Chris Cowley

Hippy festival  by Chris Cowley

2manyDJ's by Chris Cowley

Rockstar photographer by Chris Cowley

Festival brides laugh by Chris Cowley

Escala and Newton Faulkner portrait by Chris Cowley

Bestival fancy dress by Chris Cowley

Festival vibes by Chris Cowley

Festival bride couple portrait by Chris Cowley

IOW bunker rave by Chris Cowley

Chase and Status by Chris Cowley

Inflatable church wedding by Chris Cowley

Festival crowd fancy dress by Chris Cowley

Lily Allen by Chris Cowley

Bestival party by Chris Cowley

Mr Motivator Bestival church by Chris Cowley

IOW festival dudes by Chris Cowley

Madness by Chris Cowley

Festival crowd barrier by Chris Cowley

Simply Red by Chris Cowley

Bestival wedding by Chris Cowley

Florence and the Machine by Chris Cowley

Isle of Wight festival red arrows by Chris Cowley

Skream by Chris Cowley

Festival bridal field portrait by Chris Cowley

Isle of Wight festival by Chris Cowley

Festival wedding Ceremony by Chris Cowley

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