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I love photographing music festivals nearly as much as I love photographing Isle of Wight weddings so it would be a dream come true if I could somehow tie the two together… Hang about. What’s that you say? The BigLove crew run an Inflatable Church at the award winning (best major festival 2010) Bestival?! I’m in!

That’s right, I was the Bestival wedding photographer at the inflatable church – A mere 48 wedding ceremonies in 72 hours, working with a team of Vicars, Bridesmaids, a mother in-law and a maid of dis-honour!

Please check out the galleries below where there are literally hundreds of 2011 Bestival wedding photos!

(I’m afraid that I couldn’t be there for Bestival 2012)

bestival photo galleries:

Friday Bestival Wedding Photos
Saturday Bestival Wedding Photos
Sunday Bestival Wedding Photos

P.S. I am also a real life wedding photographer, so if you have any forthcoming marital plans feel free to download my brochure or get in touch.