Why hire a professional wedding photographer

Professional wedding photographerWhy hire a professional wedding photographer when you’ve probably got a ton of friends and family who have awesome cameras and can take good photos? It’s a good question and so I thought it might make an interesting discussion blog piece.

Now, I totally understand that spending thousands of pounds on a wedding photographer simply isn’t possible for everyone, however I want to write a bit about what a professional wedding photographer brings to the party that a friend with a nice camera simply won’t. This post isn’t meant to bully you in to using a professional and hey, maybe your wedding photography isn’t that much of a big deal to you? That’s fine, I’m not here to try and tell you otherwise but it would be great if you took a moment to have a read and think about the reasons why you should hire a professional wedding photographer 🙂

Experience – Weddings are a whole different beast to most other types of photography. You have to work fast, remain calm and composed and provide amazing customer service at all times whilst being an artistic storyteller, a risk manage­ment specialist and a professional bow tie straightener. Oh, and most importantly, do all this whilst ensuring the happy couple have a great day! Getting good at it comes with experience which a friend or relative may not have
Service – Working with friends at any time in life can be hard. You’ve got a solid relationship but if you weren’t happy about something it’s difficult to bring it up with a friend through risk of potentially losing a friendship. In life we hire professionals for their service to ensure that we have an enjoyable experience. This starts at the booking stage and continues right the way through to delivery of your wedding album, and on your wedding day nothing makes more sense than this.

Equipment – All that expensive camera gear a photographer uses comes as a price, but for a good reason. Whilst digital photography is getting more and more affordable, a family friend wouldn’t necessarily think about bringing spare cameras, lenses, flashes as well as all the usual stuff like batteries and memory cards – because you never know when something might break
Insurance – It’s one of those things that you should never have to use but a professional photographer should have Public Liability insurance as an absolute minimum. On top of that, my equipment is fully insured and for peace of mind I have Professional Indemnity. This is the kind of insurance that your solicitor or accountant might have and is there to protect and guarantee that the quality of my work be at the standard you expect

As I write this we’re in the midst of trying to decide who’s going to be photographing OUR wedding so I appreciate that it’s a tough job.
I’ll end on this thought:

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime moment and your photographs will be treasured forever – is it really worth not hiring a professional?

  Professional wedding photographer ninja

P.S. These guys aren’t real ninjas. Well, at least I don’t think they were….


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