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I’m sure that you’ve found in your search for an Isle of Wight wedding photographer that there is loads of wedding photography styles mentioned. It’s easy to get confused by all the different names and descriptions so the aim of this article is to help you work out what the style of photography you like is called.

Broadly speaking whilst there are many styles of wedding photography the majority can be divided in to three main types. Some photographers stick rigidly to these styles whilst others tend to blur the boundaries creating their own unique style (Hello!).

Traditional wedding photography

This style of photography is what we are used to seeing. Images are highly posed and shots are heavily directed by the photographer who often is working to a specific shot list organising guests into posed groups to produce a traditional set of images. The results will be very safe and predictable but a drawback is that all this posing is time-consuming and this style doesn’t capture your personality or fully convey your happiness due to the stiff and rigid, formal nature.

Contemporary wedding photography

This style of photography has a much more relaxed and informal approach to it than the traditional style. The photographer concentrates less on posing in the traditional sense, intervening far less and is more of a director creating an idealised set of images. Inspired by fashion both in posing and setting, the photographer is likely to seek out interesting backgrounds to produce a unique record of your day.

 Reportage or documentary style wedding photography

This style of photography is nearly the polar opposite of traditional where the photographer records the events of your big day as they happen entirely hands off. Much of the time the photographer will be in the background capturing snapshot images of your day with very little in the way of posing or organising of groups or individuals. This allows the bride and groom to enjoy their day more, not being bossed around by the photographer and who tends to produce unusual and unexpected shots of moments that you didn’t even notice.

So where do I fit?

Simply, I don’t. My style of photography is certainly influenced by the three I mention above but I definitely don’t fit in to one of the headings. My style has evolved from years of festival photography and is unique in the way that it is influenced by the everyday. I’ve never had any kind of formal photographic training so I tend to use photography to show the world how I see it- full of colour, happiness and love.

I like to have fun, be creative and do things a bit differently. So that’s why I’m adding a fourth style to this guide: Creative wedding photography.

Creative Isle of Wight wedding photographer Chris Cowley


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