The secret of getting the best wedding photos

Want to know the secret of how to get the best wedding photos?

Book me– that’s it.

OK, that was a joke but seriously I’m going to let you in on a little tip I give all my couples about how to get some awesome photos of the two of you looking your best on your big day.

The secret of getting the best wedding photos


Whilst meeting all the different wedding co-ordinators involved in the planning of your dream day you’ve probably already started thinking about a rough timeline of events. That’s great and will really help you to organise timings for things like the wedding breakfast, first dance etc. but how is this related to getting the best wedding photos I hear you ask? Bride and groom portraits, that’s how.

Throughout the day I’ll be there documenting events as they happen and capturing the natural moments, but the photos that are most likely to end up being your favourites usually happen when the bride and groom take 20 minutes or so out away from everyone to relax, let their hair down and just enjoy being together in front of the camera.

Allocating some time (the more the better) for portraits of just the two of you not only gives you a chance to take stock of the day (as it all goes FAR too quickly) but it gives me a fantastic opportunity to capture some amazing images of yourselves which you’ll cherish forever.
Imagine one being framed up on the wall at home- it’s your favourite photo and takes you straight back to that wonderful moment every time you walk past.

So sssshh.. Don’t let everyone in on the secret but this is one of the many ways I ensure you get the best wedding photos and all you have to do allow time to enjoy yourselves.


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