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Creative wedding photographer Chris Cowley

I met a lovely creative couple a few weeks back who asked me to describe my natural style of photography in three words. Just three words! I looked down at my sample wedding album which the couple were flicking through and simply said without thinking:

Creative, natural and relaxed. My style of wedding photography is creative, natural and relaxed.”

I wrote a blog post recently talking about the various styles of wedding photography as a guide to try and help readers decipher the jargon used in magazines and on photographer’s websites. In it I talked about there being three main styles: Traditional, Contemporary and Reportage but I found that didn’t fit in to one section so I added a fourth one just for me: Creative wedding photography.

So what is creative wedding photography and why am I using it to describe my work?

My style is certainly influenced by the three main types of wedding photography but I don’t sit comfortably being labelled solely as one of them. My instinct for a photo has evolved from years of festival photography in which I’ve photographed all kinds of characters, some famous, and some just plain crazy!

I’ve never had any kind of photographic training, I just like to have fun, be creative and do things a bit differently so I use my camera to show the world how I see it- full of colour, happiness and love.

My approach is unobtrusive and my goal is to capture the love and happiness that you share with your partner, family and friends, as well as the whole atmosphere of the day. I hate posed, rigid photos and so love to try and do something a bit more creative that captures your personality naturally.

Maybe there is some pretty woodland near your reception? Let’s go exploring! Perhaps there is going to be a fantastic sunset tonight? Let’s capture some romantic photos in it! Do you love rolling fields stretching in to the distance? I do – let’s make use of the beautiful landscape the Isle of Wight is blessed with!

Well I’ve poured my soul out to you now and confessed all. I am a creative wedding photographer; and I hope you like that 🙂

Creative, Natural and Relaxed wedding photographer Chris Cowley

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